Florida A&M University

Marching 100


The Marching “100″
FAMU’s marching band has been credited for not less than 30 innovative techniques which have become standard operating procedures for many high school and collegiate marching band programs throughout the nation. Penchant for precision demonstrated in every aspect of its performance is a key to the success of the “100.”

“100″ History
Ranking high among the many proud traditions of Florida A&M University is the highly acclaimed Marching “100″ Band. The first band at this institution, formerly named A&M College, was organized in 1892 under the tutelage of P.A. Van Weller. From a meager store of 16 instruments, the Marching “100″ has grown to over 420 members. This organization has been polished and refined to perfection for the past 104 years under the guidance of its directors:

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